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Academy 2017 Winners List

The Maronite Academy 2017 Educational trip to Lebanon

Many young Lebanese-descent Christians from 13 different countries around the world coming from Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Greece, Mexico, South Africa, Uruguay, USA, and Venezuela will visit Lebanon this August 2017, and partake in the Maronite Academy, an endeavor undertaken by the Maronite Foundation.
Carried for the 5th consecutive year, this initiative aims to bring the Lebanese diaspora’s youth closer to their roots and their country of origin.

After going through a series of comprehensive online courses tackling the history of Lebanon and the Maronite Heritage, the applicants (between the ages of 20 and 30, of Lebanese descent, living abroad)  had to undergo a written Essay, based on research and on personal/family experience, assessing the reason why they would like to visit Lebanon with the Maronite Foundation, and if they were willing to contribute helping the Foundation by motivating the largest number of Lebanese living abroad among their communities, to recover their Lebanese citizenship.


The Maronite Academy 2017 Educational trip to Lebanon

Moreover, preference was given to those whose purposes, aspirations, and skills are most closely aligned with the mission of the Maronite Foundation in the World and the selection process was highly dependent upon the levels of engagement, motivation, and thinking skills of the participants.

The successful candidates will get the chance to live an unforgettable experience; in a free two-week trip to Lebanon from August 5 till August 20, 2017, all expenses fully covered by the Maronite Foundation.

The winners’ stay in Lebanon will span over two weeks during which they will attend daily lectures held at the USEK University by prominent panelists and will visit various historical sites and landmarks.

The Summer Program 2017

The 2017 summer will witness remarkable memories and life-binding moments!
An unforgettable journey into the heart of Lebanon from August 5 till August 20, 2017 is waiting for the Maronite Academy Educational trip 2017 winners! 

The Maronite Academy summer trip will span over two weeks, during which the youth will attend lectures held at the USEK University by prominent panelists and Lebanese personalities as guest speakers in its conferences. They will give the studentss more insights on Lebanon’s history and is role in the region.
Additionaly, the winners will visit Lebanon’s holy sites and monasteries, and various religious, cultural and historical landmarks such as Maghdouche, St. Charbel,Qadicha valley, Byblos, Baalbeck and the Cedars, to name a few.
This 2017 summer will witness unforgettable memories and life-binding moments!

The Summer Program 2017

"Thank you again for such an unforgettable trip. Having been home for only a few days now, it's hard to believe that so much happened in such a short two weeks with the program and another week with family in Lebanon. Having been given the opportunity to connect to my roots, learn about the history and current state of Lebanon and its people, and meet other Lebanese descendants from across the world is truly a dream that I could never have imagined happening to me.

Every time I think about my experience with the Maronite Academy , I feel overwhelmed and blessed.

The opportunity to experience Lebanon for the first time with the Maronite Foundation has changed my life for the better and I would recommend this program with all of my heart." Gloria Eid, Academy 2016 graduate - Canada.

The Maronite Academy 2017 Youths’ Testimonials

Name Country Testimonial
Alexia Fatima NasifArgentina
María Mónica Daniela AminArgentina
Ana Florencia ApudArgentina
Daniel HarbAustralia
Jana ChalhoubAustralia
Wadett SemaanAustralia
Renee RoumanosAustralia
Elham MoubarakAustralia
Eddie MoujalliAustralia
Charbel El-KhaissiAustralia
Melissa Elias ZamoranoBolivia
Eliana Pereyra AlamBolivia
Dayanne GarciaBrazil
Eduardo Hawatt FilhoBrazil
Natália MoreiraBrazil
Jospeh SidaouiCanada
Mark TamerCanada
Dominique SoffeeCanada
Anthony MatarCanada
Sandy Rita TannouriCanada
Mélissa Mélodie IbrahimCanada
Ralph Abou-ChedidCanada
Jessica BouzeidCanada
Tamara AzzamCanada
Carine YoussefCanada
Rafaa Salwa Giorgina Georges QuintinColombia
Pauline Marie Zaiter TahanDominican Republic
Miguel BarcionaEcuador
Giorgos MousaGreece
José Antonio Stefanoni AbdalaMexico
Zamira Canaan CeronMexico
Marlen Abdel Massih HageMexico
Richard ChemalySouth Africa
Nadia AbimoradUruguay
Denisse JoniauxUSA
Maya KhouryUSA
Zeina AklUSA
Amanda JereigeUSA
Elie KhalilUSA
Francesca Rodriguez SawayaUSA
Joyce Jeitani El MaaraouiVenezuela
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