The Maronite Academy is an initiative undertaken by the Maronite Foundation, aimed at introducing young Lebanese immigrants around the world to their country of origin, Lebanon. Its goals are to strengthen the relationship between Lebanese residents and the diaspora and to improve the image of Lebanon in the new generation's mind to incite pride in their Lebanese roots.
Every year, extensive online courses are given about the Maronite Heritage and the History of Lebanon. Selected candidates from all over the world win an educational two-week trip to Lebanon, all expenses covered by the Maronite Foundation.
During their stay in Lebanon, the Academy lucky particpants get to bond with their roots and learn more about their country of origin through specialized seminars given by prominent figures and various site visits across Lebanon.


  • To re-connect the ties between the Maronites in Lebanon and their fellow Maronite diaspora across the globe
  • To strengthen the Maronite Heritage and legal citizenship affiliation to the land of Cedars
  • To promote Lebanon as the spiritual motherland of Maronites worldwide


For the seventh consecutive year, the Maronite Foundation will hold from August 3 till August 18, 2019, the Maronite Academy, a non-profit initiative, which seeks to get the youth of Lebanese immigrants acquainted with the land of their ancestors, their motherland, Lebanon.

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